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Crayon Candles

Did you know? In an emergency you can light up wax crayons and can provide you with a bit of light for about 30 minutes? Yes, crayons are made of wax and can be turned into candles! Here’s a great way to make it even more artistic and good enough to display at home.This fun crayon project is more suitable for older kids or adults who can operate a microwave oven and work with hot wax.

What You Need:

  • Glass votives
  • Wick
  • Wax
  • A set of wax crayons
  • Paper cups
  • Microwave oven

What To Do:

  • Melt your wax in a paper cup
  • Add a thin layer to the bottom of each votive that you plan to use
  • Set the wick in the center and let the wax dry
  • Fill your paper cup with wax and one crayon
  • Completely melt in the microwave oven and together
  • Fill in your votive with different layers, allowing each layer to dry each time. Drying time per layer of colour is about 30 minutes
  • Repeat until the votive is filled almost to the brim
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