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Wax Crayon Etching

One of the more magical ways for young artists to experiment with wax crayons is to create their own etching canvas. This crayon project is popular for all age groups. Children can be as creative as they want to be by filling the first layer of colour with different patterns and etching the black layer with different images.

What You Need:

  • Waxed paper plate, cardstock or a simple sheet of paper
  • Bright or neon-coloured wax crayons
  • Black wax crayon
  • Scratching materials (ie a wooden skewer with the sharp edge removed)

What To Do:

  • Fully cover your base material (paper, cardstock or paper plate) with brightly coloured patterns. Apply colours liberally and as thick as you want to
  • Once fully covered, colour over it with black crayon
  • Use your scratching material to draw images on the black part. As you scratch through the top layer, the colourful layer underneath will be revealed.
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