Crayon Melting Art - Dots Spectrum Crayons

Melted Crayon Dot Art

This is a project that can be completed over several hours or days. There’s no need to finish it right away. Using different point sizes is also a good idea to give your artwork some depth — you can do this by alternating between the pointed and the blunt side of the crayon. Please make sure to remove the paper covering the crayon before melting it with the candle as this may burn.

What You Need:

  • Paper with a pattern or artwork ready to be coloured in
  • A set of wax crayons
  • A candle

What To Do:

  • Start planning how to fill in the colours — you could decide on what colours to use on the pattern or artwork ahead of time
  • Light the candle and quickly melt the crayon
  • Press the hot crayon against the paper and carefully lift off. It should leave a dot of colour in its place
  • Do this again in the area next to where you first made the dot until the space is completely filled out with dots.

Pointillism is an art that requires some patience as it involves filling in colours through a series of dots. This is especially fun for kids to do, as the end result is an artwork that has a lot of nice textures.

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