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About Spectrum Crayons

Spectrum Crayons is family owned and operated, based in New Zealand with a sales and distribution center in Rotorua, New Zealand.We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Marking Crayons and Educational Crayons.All our products are made right here in New Zealand. Products are all quality assured and certified ASBESTOS FREE!

Original / Standard and Giant sizes of crayon are offered. Our selection includes hard and soft crayons both wrapped or unwrapped. We stock crayons for a diverse array of uses and industries including:

  • Kids crayons
  • Industrial optimizing fluorescent crayons
  • Timber and other grading and general marking crayons
  • Oil paint crayons
  • X Ray / Metal detectable crayons
  • Graphite crayons
  • Industry Applications -  Automotive, Tyre, Concrete, Construction, Fishing, Marine, Dock Yard, Fabric, Forestry and Lumber, Glass, Industrial Packaging, Road, Rubber, Steel and many more.

We are well known for our “Spectrum Giant Crayon”, measuring 22 x 130 mm. The Spectrum Giant crayons are available in 20 standard colours and 10 fluorescent colours.

The combination of quality products, honest prices, reliable service, and over 30 years in business makes Spectrum Crayons the best option for taking care of all your crayon marking needs.There is the added advantage of our flexibility. You choose your desired colours and we pack the box for you. No more being stuck with colours in packs you don't need.

Try Spectrum Crayons – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call to discuss.

We welcome inquiries from wholesalers and retailers who may wish to stock and on-sell our products. That includes education providers and businesses who may want to purchase bulk quantities of product, therefore qualifying for discounted pricing and a credit account. Click here to make an enquiry.

For all other enquiries, call or email us  - click here.




Kevin Atkinson – Director
Tel: 0800 CRAYON (272 966) or Email: admin@spectrumcrayons.co.nz

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